Monday, October 26, 2009

sedona gypsy magic

gawd i love being back in arizona. after a few days in phoenix doing must do's we trekked to sedona. i couldn't wait any longer. of course i went straight to boynton canyon after a quick appetizing drive thru oak creek canyon to glimpse the changing trees.
Boynton has a fast electric zapping energy. Just driving down the road towards the canyon I get jumpy and hyper. I actually sat up at the rock center today and started giggling uncontrollably. James felt silly too. We have pictures to prove it. I have to find the camera adapter first to load it to computer.

I was hit by so many new ideas and I hope I was able to write them all down on the itouch for future use. i would close my eyes and see colors and garments. everything i've ever loved about cool clothing has come back since i've been on the mainland. i love living in hawaii but style and new ideas can get a bit stale. i need the pulse of the arizona land to remind me .

many new pictures to share. and i'll need to dump the old website since it will be easier to build a new one. it's fun to build.

picked up some juniper ghost beads since i've been having bad dreams since i got to arizona. hope it's just nerves settling. it's tough to accept i'm back here despite it being voluntary and perhaps temporary.

Mayo clinic informed me that I have been accepted for a clinical rotation starting soon. I am shocked that I didn't have to interview for it..I'll be rotating on med surg oncology and hope to land a job there when i'm done. google mayo it's pretty big. i feel very privileged to be able to do a clinical there.

the magic truck arrived and dumped a lot of project in front of me. nursing clinical, new ideas, new website. i hope i can make some progress on the new item ideas before i lose motivation but nursing is going to take 100% for at least one month.

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